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Yours Truly Meat, ready when you are

What makes us different?

We are passionate about tender meat and obsessed with simplicity. That’s why we’ve created a delicious and affordable line of sous vide meats, perfectly cooked every time. Simply heat and serve.  That’s what makes us the leaders of the kosher sous vide industry.


Our R&D team is highly engaged in the field of science based cooking.  Our goal of creating the most tender and juicy product is supported by our constant effort to improve our knowledge of meat science.

Chef Driven

We love real food, that’s why all of our products are developed by real chefs in a real state of the art kitchen.  Our chefs are at the forefront of culinary trends, constantly creating new ideas, flavours and products.

Why Sous Vide?


Simply heat and serve. Easy, fast and convenient.

Stress Free

Feel confident about your cooking knowing that your meat will be cooked with edge to edge perfection every single time.

Restaurant Quality

All our products are fresh, using the highest restaurant quality ingredients.


What is Sous Vide?

Sous Vide (soo-veed) is a french cooking technique in which food is vacuum packed and immersed in a water bath controlled by an immersion circulator to keep a precise temperature throughout the cooking process.  The combination of the temperature control and the vacuum packing creates the optimum cooking environment to achieve perfection.

Is it fresh?

Yes! All of our products use fresh restaurant quality ingredients, and are cooked by our award winning team of chefs.

Is it ready to eat?

Our products have been cooked using the sous vide method to achieve the best possible texture.  (Preparations may also involve grilling, smoking, or other methods.)  We also fry certain items.  Foods are generally par-cooked, then vacuum-sealed and refrigerated or frozen.  You simply thaw and finish in your oven/on your cooktop or barbecue at home.)  That way you experience the best, freshest-tasting meals possible, as opposed to simply “reheating” food that was already fully cooked.  (Those would be akin to leftovers, not gourmet meals!)

Where can I get it?

Currently, our products are available by delivery, or by pickup in our retail store. Feel free to contact us or drop by our shop to learn about our products.